Services Offered

I offer a range of  services outlined below, including Homebuyer Condition Survey Reports, Building Pathology and Defect Diagnosis Reports, Quinquennial Church Inspections, Listed Building Consent Applications and more.

Service Overview

  • Homebuyer Condition Survey Reports
  • Building Pathology and Defect Diagnosis Reports
  • Quinquennial Church Inspections
  • Listed Building Consent Applications
  • Repair Schedules and Specifications
  • Project Management and Contract
  • Administration Services
  • Planned Maintenance Programmes
  • Planning Enforcement Support
  • Party Walls and Dilapidations Advice
  • Expert Witness Appointments
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Homebuyer Reports

My pre purchase reports are based on the RICS Level 3 Standard

The report however offers more detailed information on the following matters than the standard RICS template:

  • Whether all required Consents have been obtained for past alterations if the property is Listed, Scheduled or in a Conservation Area.
  • The legal duty for obtaining Consent for any alterations or repairs are considered and the likelihood of those changes receiving approval from the Local Planning Authority.
  • The impact that the historical development of the property has had on its current condition and performance.
  • Detailed and pragmatic advice on repairs and supplementary information on costs if needed.
I speak to my clients before the survey to see if there is anything they would particularly like me to look at. I also give them a call and provide a synopsis of my findings within 48 hours. The report highlights risks that you may be exposed to if you proceed with the purchase and identifies issues that you need to raise with your legal advisor.

To obtain a quotation simply send me a copy of the estate agents particulars for the house. I will provide you with a fee offer the same day and issue my report to you within two weeks of the date of you accepting my offer, often considerable quicker for smaller properties.

My quotation for a pre purchase survey will be dependent on the size, location, age, condition and complexity of the building but fees are commonly between £750 and £1,500 for the majority of properties.


Are you already an owner of a Listed property? I can provide a detailed report on its overall condition or a specific problem affecting
its performance such as:


  • Dampness
  • Cracking or other structural problems

Defects in old properties are seldom straight forward and an understanding of the historical development of a building and the behaviour of traditional materials used to build it is essential. I have experience of inspecting and repairing all historic building materials and elements including:

  • Brick, stone and terracotta walls
  • Painted stucco render
  • Timber framed buildings
  • Clay tile, slate, stone and thatch roof coverings
  • Lead, copper and asphalt roofs
  • Cast iron and steel casement windows and timber framed sashes
  • Plaster ceilings
  • Stained and other types of historic glass
  • Timber floors, wall panelling, doors and staircases
  • Ceramic wall and floor tiles
  • Iron railings and gates
    Integrating new services installations into historic interiors

Defects in historic buildings are often the result of change. Alterations to the internal or external environment to a property can have a significant impact on its performance. Climate change and improvements to the thermal performance of a house can be relevant.

Any change that reduces ventilation and increases the temperature in an old building can potentially have a seriously detrimental impact. I will assess these issues for you and collaborate with environmental scientists when needed.


I am on the London, Southwark, Canterbury and Winchester Diocese approved list of inspecting architects and surveyors and would be pleased to hear from you if you are a Parochial Church Council (PCC) considering appointing an alternative professional advisor.

The churches I currently look after are of all types, ages and denominations. Some are Grade I Listed, other are not Listed at all.

Many are in city centres, others serving rural communities. All are equally important to me. My church work is in many ways my most satisfying.

I am happy to provide you with references from PCC’s that I am currently assisting.

Recent projects I have administered include:

  • External masonry repairs
  • Repairing or replacing lead, slate, clay tile and cedar shingle roofs
  • Accessibility improvements
  • AV, lighting and heating upgrades
  • Reordering and restoration of original interiors
  • Introducing new toilet facilities
  • Conservation of glass, wall paintings and memorials
  • Consolidation of a collapsed Chancel floor due to buried remains
  • Boundary wall repairs
  • Enabling developments in church grounds

I previously worked for Historic England assessing applications for grant to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Faculty submissions to DAC’s throughout the East Midlands. I can compile and submit applications for Faculty on behalf of the PCC and assist them raise funds.

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